Stress & Stress Counselling:
The Stress Counseling we offer will allow you to take a step back from your stress and take a view on why you are feeling this way and how best to deal with these feelings; by exploring what is happening for you we will be able to find the way forwards to relieving your stress in a positive way.

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How Stress may feel:   Your heart beats fast, you feel yourself taking short, fast breaths and you feel in a high state of being on edge; becoming stressed out can leave you feeling at your wits-end, burnt-out and exhausted.  Stress seems to be a condition of the modern world we live in but when stress becomes difficult to deal with it can impose on our health and our lives in a negative way.  
Stress levels over those that you are normally able to cope with; over a long period of time will affect your emotional and physical well-being, leaving you tired out and overwhelmed with it all.  You may become irritable, have problems sleeping, feel constantly under pressure and may be drinking a lot more than you would normally or even taking drugs.  Stress Counselling can help you feel calmer.

Things that may help you now / practical help for you straight away:
Find out information for yourself on how stress affects people by doing a quick search on the internet right now, you may well find that by understanding a bit more about what it is you are feeling or finding out how other people feel may help you start to cope with your own personal feelings better.

A web link to look at would be:

Avoid stressful situations in your life if you are able, don’t expose yourself to stress that you don’t need.  Sounds simple, but it’s not always easy to achieve and may require some movement from you and maybe other people around you too. 
Take time out for yourself to de-stress and relax, do something that you feel relaxed doing that takes you away from the everyday stress in life.  Enjoy the moment while you are relaxing and feel the stress wash away.  Maybe even try something new that you feel would be relaxing for you to do.
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