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Low Self Esteem & Improving Low
Self Esteem

Counselling will help you by talking through how low self-confidence or low self-esteem is affecting your day to day life, the cause of low self-esteem for you and how you will be able to look and feel about yourself differently, in a more positive way.

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Symptoms of Low Self Esteem:
Having feelings of low self-esteem can be debilitating to everyday living.  This may leave you constantly feeling bad about yourself, being unable to hear or accept any compliments about yourself, inability to trust your own opinion and treating yourself with little or no respect because you feel you’re just not worth it.
This can have a dramatic effect on your life by limiting your ability to do most things properly because of the constant, niggling self-doubt and fear of failure.  Low self-esteem causes many problems, it can also be very socially debilitating because you may not have the confidence to be among people because it can feel overbearing and you may not feel you are worthy to others.  Low self-esteem issues can be difficult to deal with but improving low self-esteem can feel like a life changing experience.


Things that may help you now with the cause of low self-esteem:
Find out information on low self-esteem for yourself by doing a quick search on the internet right now, you may well find that by understanding a bit more about what it is you are feeling or finding out how other people feel may help you start to cope with your own personal feelings better.

A web link to look at would be:

Put some positivity back into your life; think of all the positive things that have happened to you over the last few days or last few weeks; note them out and read the list back to yourself.  Good things really do happen to you;  you made those good things happen, it wasn’t just by chance.
Treat yourself at least once a week, if not more; do something just for you and indulge yourself in that moment because you are worth it and you do deserve it.

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