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Depression & Depression Counseling:
Feeling depressed, down, low and lacking in any motivation to do anything is a dark place for anyone.  The first step to moving out of the dark and into the light is to start talking about how you are feeling, if you feel you are ready and able to do that.  Coming out of depression does not have to be a difficult or painful process, we are here to help. Depression Counseling really can help you on that road to getting back to your old self, or even a new, rejuvenated you with the energy and zest to get back on with your life.

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Each person’s experience of depression is unique to them, everyone is different but prolonged feelings of sadness, lack of interest in anything, lack of energy, inability to sleep, negativity, agitation, not being able to cope with everyday life and not being able to see an end to your low mood are good signs that you are depressed.

Depression for you may have crept up on you slowly or it may have come over quite quickly, the changes may have been noticed not only by you but also by people who know you well and they may well have commented on changes in your behaviour or general outlook on life as being different.

Things that may help you now / practical help for you straight away:
Find out information for yourself on how depression affects people by doing a quick search on the internet right now, you may well find that by understanding a bit more about what it is you are feeling or finding out how other people feel may help you start to cope with your own personal feelings better.

A web link to look at would be:
Break the downward spiral of depression by summoning up the strength to be more active in your positive feelings, thoughts and actions.  Look out of the window into the world outside and see yourself out there.  Get outdoors for a walk or any kind of physical activity you are able to do, this will release the ‘positive stimulant’ chemicals in your brain and help you feel more upbeat and will eventually help you sleep more easily too.

Do something to make you laugh or smile, something you enjoy just for you.  Whether this be watching your favourite comedian on video, or reading a funny book, laughter will help give you a small ‘lift’ to your low mood.  Better still, laughter with other people can be contagious and will help heighten your low mood.

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