Young & unheard

Child Counseling and Counselling Young People:
The Counselling for children and Counselling for Young People we offer  is different to the Counselling offered to adults because, quite simply, children and young people have different needs to those of adults.
The Child Therapy / Teen Therapy /Counselling with Young People may involve various forms of play therapy and creative therapy to allow the child or young person to express themselves freely and explore the feelings in their world.  This will allow them to look at their feelings in an open, expressive way and give them space to reflect on their personal issues in a safe and confidential environment with the support of a Counsellor / Child Therapist experienced in Counselling children and young people.


The children’s therapy / teen therapy can look at many varied issues and we offer teen therapy, childhood trauma therapy, child grief counselling, children and self-esteem therapy, and teenagers and low self-esteem Counselling to name a few.

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