Anxiety Counselling; talking about your anxiety with a Counsellor will help by discussing how you feel in social situations and the trauma you go through just leaving your own home into the world outside.  The crippling distress caused by anxiety can be reduced with Counselling.

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Anxiety Symptoms will include feeling tightness across your chest, like you could be physically sick, like you are slipping out of control, you become debilitated; are the ways some people have described how anxiety feels for them. 
Social Anxiety:  Feeling extremely uncomfortable in any social situation, like a night out with friends and feeling that everyone is looking at you or people are commenting about you.  You may feel like you just cannot cope with being around people and cannot face going out.

Social anxiety will severely affect your social life by limiting any social intercourse because of your fears of being with people and this can lead to complete exclusion from society, which can lead to you feeling like you are a prisoner in your own home.

Things that may help you now /self help for people suffering with anxiety:
Find out information for yourself about anxiety by doing a quick search on the internet right now, you may well find that by understanding a bit more about what it is you are feeling or finding out how other people feel may help you start to cope with your own personal feelings better.

A web link to look at would be:

Look into ways you may be able to relax a bit more, being calmer in yourself, this may be by having quiet time to yourself or by doing something you find calming and making the time to do this.
Breath, yes breath, take long deep breaths, breath in through your nose and out through your mouth, relax, close your eyes if it helps and concentrate on your breaths; the air coming in and being released out again, your chest gently rising and falling; you are in control of this.
Clear your mind of any negative feelings and think only about the positive things that have happened to you over the past week.  You will have had some influence in these positive things happening and it may be worth just reflecting on that for a while.

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