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Anger Management & Anger Counseling: 
If your anger feels like it is stuck inside you or is destructive and feels out of control you may want to talk about how this would be helped with Anger Counselling / Anger Management Counselling.  Whilst everyone is an individual with their own specific types of anger, there are some common themes of anger that we would explore with you and together understand how better to deal with your anger episodes.

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Feeling angry is a natural reaction we have if we feel threatened or in danger, it harks back to thousands of years ago when we lived in caves and needed that ‘fight or flight’ instinct to get us out of dangerous situations, but if you ‘bottle-up’ your anger inside and it is left to fester inside or your anger is affecting your life in a destructive or harmful way then this may be a cause for concern for you. 

Your anger may well affect you by making you feel guilty, upset, withdrawn and make you feel fatigued after each time you get angry due to the heart racing and adrenaline surge you get during an angry episode.  It may well make you feel physically ill over a length of time if your anger persists.

Things that may help you now / Anger Management Tips:
Find out information for yourself on what anger is by doing a quick search on the internet right now, you may well find that by understanding a bit more about what it is you are feeling or finding out how other people feel may help you start to cope with your own personal feelings better.

A web link to look at would be:

Think about the situations where you always get angry; can you avoid these situations?
When you start to feel yourself getting angry; stop what you are doing, take a couple of deep breaths and ask yourself what it is you are actually angry about?  Anger Counselling can help you understand your feelings of anger.

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